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   2019 Ride Guidelines and Complete Ride Schedule



Weekend Ride Start Times

The ride start time for April and October is 10:00 AM.  Ride start time for May through September is 9:00 AM unless noted in the ride calendar information. 

If a Ride Leader is not assigned to an upcoming ride by midnight of the Thursday preceding the ride date, the ride will be CANCELLED! Please review the Ride Leader tab to sign up to be a ride leader!


Weekend Ride Guidelines


  • Non-members are allowed to ride a Cream City CC ride one time as a guest. Then they will need to join the club and ride as active members.
  • All Cream City CC members will need to print their own cue sheets by downloading them from the CCCC website Documents Library and printing them out or uploading them to their mobile devices.  Members will need to provide their own maps for any scheduled weekend ride. There will be no ride packets provided at ride starts. Wednesday Ride cue sheets will usually be provided by the Wednesday Ride leaders. 
  • Ride with GPS (RWGPS) routes are developed for all rides and are available to all riders through the url link posted on the calendar event.




Come join the Cream City Cycle Club for another year of enjoyable bicycling with old friends and new.  Roam the country roads and back streets of Southeastern Wisconsin.  As usual, this year’s rides have something for everyone.  Difficulty ranges from easy to challenging with mileages from less than 20 to nearly 70.


The club asks that you ride responsibly. Keep yourself and your bicycle in good riding condition.  Obey the ‘rules of the road’ and carry necessary equipment including water bottles, spare tubes, and bicycle frame pump.  Stay aware at all times of what’s around you – vehicles, other bicyclists, dogs, potholes etc. and be prepared to respond accordingly.  This club encourages members and guests riding with us to be courteous bicyclists.  By setting an example for other riders, we can help drivers learn to respect and accept bicycles on the road.  Remember: Responsible bicyclists stay safer and have more fun riding.



Cream City Cycle Club strongly promotes the following SAFETY POLICY:

  1. Learn and practice safe bicycling skills.
  2. Learn the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists and practice what you learn.
  3. Always wear a correctly fitted CPSC approved helmet that is in good condition.
  4. Headphones/earbuds are prohibited on CCCC rides


IMPORTANT! Ride start times vary throughout the year so check the schedule carefully.  The club does its best to make sure every ride occurs as scheduled.  Note that start times, locations and actual rides may be changed or canceled due to various circumstances. For the latest updates, check our web site: under theRides and Events Calendar” tab.


Things to remember about CCCC rides

  • Make sure your bike is in good working condition before coming to a ride. It will make the ride more enjoyable.
  • Plan to arrive at the ride starting location 20-30 minutes prior to the published ride start time. The ride leader will make his or her announcements 5 minutes prior to the published ride start time. Showing up early will allow you to set up your bicycle and sign in and get situated. One late arrival will prevent all riders from leaving on time.
  • Look at the ride start driving directions found at the end of the ride schedule. Be familiar with the turns and street to get to the ride start.
  • Always be prepared. Remember to bring biking accessories. Things like extra tubes, patch kit, pump, tire levers, tool kit, and wrenches are highly recommended. Cell phones are encouraged, but not necessary in case you are stranded with no ability to continue the ride. You may be on your own for repairs, so being prepared will make your bicycling experience more enjoyable. Without the proper tools, it can make your ride a miserable one.
  • If unfamiliar with the area we will be riding in, consider bringing a map in case of detour or cutting the ride short
  • Be prepared to adapt to different weather conditions. Things like wind, rain, sleet, and temperature changes will occur during the ride. A good quality rain jacket or windbreaker will help ease the discomfort of the ride. If you don’t bring it, you can’t wear it.
  • The ride leader(s) will have all participants sign-in and get the group started on the looped ride of the day.
  • Your membership card must be shown before signing in
  • Club members should print their own cue sheets from the web site “Documents” tab.The ride leader will have cue sheets for non-members.Bring a clip to fasten the cue sheet on your bike. Make sure to review the cue sheet prior to the ride to familiarize yourself with the area you will be riding into.
  • Make sure your water bottles are full. This is common sense but some of us need reminders, especially on hot summer rides. Dehydration can sneak up on you very quickly without you knowing it. Drink and drink often.
  • Use hand signals. No one can read a rider’s thoughts. Letting other bicyclists and motorists know your intentions will earn respect with bicycles and cars. Don’t yell “clear” because it will set up a trap for other bicyclists. A safe rider is a smart rider. Caution should always be considered at intersections.
  • Always choose a route within your own cycling ability. Do not try to ride more than you think you can. There are no sags on our rides. It will make the bicycling experience more pleasurable.
  • Most of all have fun. That’s what we’re all about.

Weekend Ride Start Times


The ride start times for April, October and November will be 10:00 AM.  The starting times for the majority of the May through September rides will be 9:00 AM.  There may be a few rides that have staggered start times.  Please note the start times when planning to attend a ride.

Wednesday Morning Social Rides


The club offers rides on Wednesday mornings that are designed to be social rides whereby the riders ride in groups and no rider is left to ride alone.  Most of these rides start at an eating establishment where the group has lunch afterwards.  See for the volunteer ride leaders and the ride starting times and locations.


CCCC Camping Rides



Although camping rides are open to non-members, when space is limited, priority will be given to club members up to 2 weeks before the trip. So, don’t be disappointed. Call the trip leader in advance.


The cost for the camp site will be $5 per person per night for all members and $10 per night for non-members. A two night minimum charge will be required, except for the Self-contained riders.


Ride types

Looped:  Also known as car camping. Drive a car or carpool to the chosen campground and put up your tent for the weekend. All Cream City rides start at the campground and loop back to the start.

Self-contained: Carry all your gear with you on the ride to the campground. Everything you need for yourself (clothing, tent, etc.) is contained on your bike. (No sags here)  Contact the ride leader for details about specific camping rides.

                                                                            Ride Schedule

To print the CCCC 2019 Ride Schedule click on the link to obtain a pdf file:   CCCC 2019 Ride Schedule


Sun 4/14


20 miles


10 am

Start: Greenfield Park

Midpoint: Muskego



A winding wooded uphill near the beginning gives this ride its name.  This is one of our favorite routes!  The 20 mile route bypasses the Tan's Hill climb.





Sat 4/20


30 miles


10 am Start: Delafield Fish Hatchery Parking Area  Midpoint: Dousman  


This route loops around Pretty Lake before heading to Dousman.



Sun 4/21







Sat 4/27







Sun 4/28


29 miles


10 am

Start: Kletzsch Park

Midpoint: Thiensville



Freewheel fast or slow from Kletzsch Park through an old fashioned community with a small town atmosphere.






NOTE: Ride start times change to 9:00 am on 5/4





Sat 5/4


42 miles


9 am Start: Whitnall Park  Midpoint: Waterford  


Tour western Racine County along the Fox River as it winds through to the Wind Lake area.





Sun 5/5


30 miles


9 am

Start: Mequon Rotary Park Pavilion

Midpoint: Glendale



Wind through the North Shore neighborhoods in Mequon, Brown Deer and Glendale.





Sat 5/11


37 miles


9 am

Start: Brown Deer Park 

Midpoint: Grafton



Here's a chance to try out some quiet country roads in Ozaukee County.  Ride to Covered Bridge County Park and see one of our state's few remaining covered bridges.





Sun 5/12


36 miles


9 am Start: Hales Corners Park Midpoint: Wind Lake  
  Be it spring or fall, this ride is for all being mainly a flat ride or a coast for all.  Well, all and all this ride is fun for all so come join all the CCCC riders.  




Sat 5/18


25/34 miles


9 am Start: Grant Park Midpoint: Caledonia / Franksville   
  Delicious custard at Uncle Harry's in Waterford is just one reason to do this ride.  It's a nice and easy tour through the Fox River flatlands.



Sun 5/19


32/49 miles


9 am

Start: Dretzka Park

Midpoint: Richfield / Slinger



Head north and west to see some wonderful Washington county views.  Climb some hills and cruise down others--it's all great fun!






BONG RECREATION AREA (Self Contained & Looped)

Varied mileages


Fri 5/17 - 

Camping at Bong State Park



Sun 5/19

Help kick off the camping schedule with fellow campers in western Kenosha county.  Adventure awaits you on our first camping weekend of the year.  You can self-contain or drive to the park and enjoy the Bong Recreation Area.  Contact Tim McAdams at or 414-475-1845 (leave a message) for more information and to reserve a spot.



Sat 5/25


 45 miles


 9 am Start: Meadow Brook Park & Ride  Midpoint: Sullivan  


Go west ye biker, go west!  Join us on our unique tour through the rolling country side all the way to Johnson Creek.


Sun 5/26 THE CUSTARD RIDE  37 miles  
9 am Start: Greenfield Park  Midpoint: Big Bend  
  This ride has a custard stand as a stop!  Either work off those calories at the start or after you have sampled the custard.  This is a fun ride for everyone in the club.  




 Mon 5/27 PIKE LAKE SPLASH 27/47 miles   
 9 am  Start: Lemke Park Midpoint: Richfield / Pike Lake State Park   
  We planned a few fast downhills for today.  However, what goes down must go back up but the best views are from the hilltops.  Go all the way to Pike Lake and take a break on the beach.   
Sat 6/1 CEDARBURG MYRA    35 miles  
9 am Start: Ozaukee Bike Trail Parking Cedarburg  Midpoint: Newburg  
9 am
Start: Delafield Fish Hatchery Parking
 Midpoint: Scuppermong Prairie Natural Area   
  This route loops around Ottawa Lake through the Kettle Moraine.  Food stops are available in North Prairie and Dousman, but otherwise the ride is very rural.  Bring your own snacks.  



Varied mileages


Fri 5/31 -

Camping at Hartman Creek State Park - 3 family sites reserved


Sun 6/2

This perennial favorite, 2 hours from Milwaukee, is a great ride for novice and experienced bike campers. Quiet rural roads, a park with hiking, swimming and canoeing.  There are fun restaurants and other great activities in the Waupaca area. Call or e-mail your ride host Mark Steckhahn at 414-453-6872 / to reserve your spot.





Sat 6/8


31/61 miles


9 am Start: Doctor's Park  Midpoint: Cedarburg / Belgium  


Follow the shoreline north through Port Washington.  Take a break from biking by strolling along the mile-long sandy beach at Harrington Beach State Park.



Sat 6/9


54 miles


9 am

Start: Elkhorn Park & Ride

Midpoint: Walworth



Down in the valley is a swimming hole!  As you look in the sky there are lots of trees that make the swimming hole a real pretty sight.  After you limber up your muscles with a good swim, the climb out of the valley is a lot of fun and a real test for a lazy beach comber.





Sat 6/15


15/30/62 miles



This is a charity ride event for the St. Rose Youth & Family Center.  Refer to the Lad Lake Kettle Classic for details:





Sun 6/16


36 miles


9 am

Start: Centennial Park

Midpoint: Newburg



This ride tours the Cedarburg rural areas with a finish in Cedarburg for refreshments.





Sun 6/22


45/60 miles


9 am

Start: Town Genesee Park

 Midpoint: Palmyra / Whitewater


  The peregrination of southern kettles makes this ride a special one as we begin our summer season.  You may even want to stop at the State University to find out what peregrination mens.  

Sun 6/23


31/56 miles


9 am

Start: Doctor's Park

Midpoint: Cedarburg / Fredonia



This is a great ride to an old village settlement with many things to see what the past might have been like.  So bring your walking shoes and take a tour (free) and have lunch a little further on the way.





Sat 6/29


43 miles


9 am

Start: Delafield Fish Hatchery Parking

Midpoint: Burlington



The route goes along lightly traveled roads to Burlington.





Sun 6/30


28/43 miles


9 am

Start: Centennial Park

Midpoint: Port Washington / Belgium



Tour Ozaukee County on this relatively flat area of Lake Michigan.  On the return side, treat yourself to a trip on the Ozaukee Interurban Trail to Cedarburg.







Varied mileages


Fri 6/28 -

Camping at Badger Park in Peshtigo, WI


Sun 6/30

This camping weekend coincides with the Menominee River Century. The ride begins at Marinette High School on 6/30 and includes five routes through scenic and historical sites in both Marinette and Menominee Counties with 10 fully stocked rest stops along the way.  Contact Jeff Borchardt at 262-781-6010 for more information and to reserve a spot.





Sat 7/6


37 miles


9 am

Start: Hales Corners Park

Midpoint: Tichigan



Rolling terrain, sneak peeks of sparkling lakes and some kid-open spaces make this area a great place to ride.





Sun 7/7


37/52 miles


9 am

Start: Virmond Park

Midpoint: Saukville / Fredonia



The blue water of Lake Michigan shines in the sun as we ride north.  Go the distance and you'll reach the tension zone, where the species of northern Wisconsin mingle with those of the south.  See the sand dunes and be sure to stop in the nature center to find about one of Terry Andrae's favorite activities.





Sat 7/13


27/61 miles


9 am

Start: Brown Deer Park

Midpoint: Cedarburg / Newburg



Watch for the Milwaukee River as you ride into Newburg and the Northern Kettle.  Stop for a swim at Mauthe Lake on the long loop.  Food stops are limited so BYOS (Bring You Own Snacks).





Sun 7/14


43/64 miles


9 am

Start: Fox River Sanctuary

Midpoint: Delafield / Okauchee



This is a ride through the northwest parts of this county with views of lakes and great scenery.  Be sure to stop at Latham Peak.





Sat 7/20


35/48 miles


9 am

Start: Thiensville Village Park

Midpoint: Saukville / Newburg



Who is St. Finbar and why is a road named after him?  It doesn't matter because this spiraling ride along the lakeshore is so beautiful you'll be too busy checking out the scenery.





Sun 7/21


32/43 miles


9 am

Start: Delafield Fish Hatchery Parking

Midpoints: Dousman / Rome








Camp POINT BEACH STATE PARK CAMPING (Looped)  Varied mileages  
Fri 7/19 - Camping at Point Beach State Park    
Sun 7/21 Come join us on a beautiful camping weekend along the western shore of Lake Michigan.  Point Beach will be our campground and we'll bike loops around this quiet area along the lake.  We've got 2 family sites reserved.  Contact Brian Musha at 414-385-9416 (leave a message) for more information and to reserve a spot.  

Sat 7/27


33 miles


9 am

Start: Friedenfield Park

Midpoint: Holy Hill Monastery



The name of the ride may sound intimidating but the scenery will inspire you to climb the first hill and the next and the next...We know you can do it.





Sun 7/28


19/39 miles


9 am

Start: Froemming Park
39 mile @ 9 am; 19 mile @ 10 am

Midpoint: Raymond / Union Grove



This year the picnic will be hosted by the Cream City Cycle Club. Bring a dish to pass or $10.00.   Remember this is not a race!  Take an unhurried, relatively flat ride to the Wisconsin home of drag racing.





Sat 8/3


44 miles


9 am

Start: Grant Park

Midpoint: Sturtevant 



If you're tired of the hills, you'll enjoy this mostly level land.





Sun 8/4


33/60 miles


9 am

Start: Brown Deer Park

Midpoint: Grafton / Fredonia



Cruise along the big lake (Lake Michigan) to "Fish Town".  Be sure to check out the catch of th day in one of the inviting local restaurants.


29/42 miles  
9 am
Start: Hales Corners Park  Midpoint: Big Bend / Mukwonago   
  We're sticking together on this ride.  Sweet treats await us at the restaurant in Mukwonago.  The only thing left behind will be the calories.  
Sun 8/11 MAPLETON WANDER  46/71 miles  
9 am Start: Hansen Park  Midpoint: Hartland / Stone Bank  
  All routes take us to Hartland, the heart of Lake Country.  Satisfy your wanderlust on an awesome ride through a popular area.  



Varied mileages


Fri 8/9 -

Camping at Mirror Lake State Park


Sun 8/11

Mirror Lake State Park is 3 miles from Wisconsin Dells. The lake is picturesque with surrounding sandstone bluffs. Activities in the park include hiking, swimming, fishing, and kayaking (rentals available). On Saturday we are planning to ride the Portage area Kiwanis Club “Ride to Read”. You will need to register on your own. We did the Kiwanis ride last year and we loved it.  There are other routes available if you're not interested in the Kiwanis ride.  The club has reserved 2 campsites so camping is limited to 12 campers. Contact Mike and Mary Biskobing at 262-334-8140 or for questions or to reserve your spot.





Sat 8/17


 40 miles 


9 am
Start: Doctor's Park  Midpoint: Port Washington  
  See a fish port today.  Observe the catch of the day and you can even try it.  Ride along Lake Michigan and enjoy the scenery.  

Sun 8/18


50 miles


9 am

Start: Mukwonago Park & Ride

Midpoint: Whitewater



This is a city of underground railroading from our state's past.  If you stay on track, you'll enjoy rolling terrain just like a train except you'll have to provide the steam.





Sat 8/24





Deliver your homemade goodies, mark the route or help in some other way as we get ready for the big event. If you can help the day of the event, check the “Volunteering” tab of and, when the positions needing help have been identified and posted, sign up for any open position(s).





Sun 8/25


Varied mileages



Start: East Troy High School




Our friendly and hardworking volunteers are what make our century a success. Opportunities to help abound today – registration, rest stops, sags, route markings, clean up and more, and you don’t even have to give up riding for the day. Consider biking to a rest stop, helping out for a few hours, and then continuing on the route. Or, volunteer during registration and you can ride to your heart's content the rest of the day. Invite some friends (don’t forget they need to register) and make it a party!


Sat 8/31

Cedarburg Rural Tour

 36 miles


9 am

Start: Centennial Park

 Midpoint: Newburg



This ride tours the Cedarburg rural areas with a finish in Cedarburg for refreshments.





Sun 9/1


24/43 miles


9 am

Start: Kletzsch Park

Midpoint: Thiensville / Saukville


The mighty Milwaukee River is at your side as we head north into the suburbs and countryside of Ozaukee County.





Sat 9/7


41 miles


9 am Start:  Greenfield Park  Midpoint: Wales  


Bike along tree lined roads on a journey to remember.  Stop for a view of the Rock River and imagine it as a highway for traders of the past.





Sun 9/8 WEST BEND TOUR 17/56 miles  
 9 am Start: Brown Deer Park
 Midpoint:Thiensville / Saukville  
  Sometimes you just have to get outta town!  And what better way than to explore the hills and valleys of the West Bend and Northern kettle areas!  
   20/35 miles  
9 am
Start: Centennial Park  Midpoint: Jackson / Newburg  
  Begin a delightful tour in historic Cedarburg.  After a ride through the quiet countryside, you may want to explore somme of the wonderful downtown shops.  
Sun 9/15 ROME TOUR 28/41 miles  
9 am  Start: Greenfield Park  Midpoint: Waukesha / Genesee  
  Join with the club for a ride outto the southwest and back.  You'll even see some of the southern kettle on the long ride.



Varied mileages


Thu 9/12-

Camping at Peninsula State Park



Sun 9/15

This camping ride will once again coincide with the Peninsula Century Ride.  The century ride (separate cost and registration) will start out of Sister Bay.  Specific information on the Peninsula Century Ride can be obtained at  New this year will be the location our camp site.  We will be staying at Potawatomi State Park located just outside of Sturgeon Bay along highway 42/57.  This will afford an opportunity to explore the Lower Door.  It will also open up a huge opportunity to explore Sturgeon Bay.  For further information, please contact Michael Harris at 14-321-9514 before 7:30 pm or email anytime at



Sat 9/21


40/57 miles


9 am

Start: Kanow County Park

Midpoint: Hustisford / Horicon



No, we won't be chasing geese on our bikes.  But they may fly overhead as we meander along the less traveled roads.





Sun 9/22


29/54 miles


9 am

Start: Froemming Park

 Midpoint: Dover / Burlington


  The flatlands of the Fox River valley make for easy riding.  We're told that there is a sub shop in Burlington you wouldn't want to miss!  

Sat 9/28


32/52 miles


9 am

Start: Centennial Park 

Midpoint: Newburg / Waubeka



Starting in Cedarburg is always fun.  Explore the back roads and take a ride through the bog to see an extraordinary world of wildlife and plants.





Sun 9/29


20/48 miles


9 am

Start: Greenfield Park

Midpoint: Waukesha / Delafield 



This ride takes you back and forth and around the beautiful lakes in Waukesha County.  Ride along and enjoy the cool air and clear colors.






NOTE: Ride start times change to 10:00 am on 9/30





Sat 10/5


31 miles


10 am

Start: Cedarburg Ozaukee Bike Trail Parking

 Midpoint: Newburg



Sun 10/6


30/51 miles


10 am

Start: New Fane

Midpoint: Beechwood / Glenbeulah



Thank the retreat of the ice age for the fabulous scenery along this route. The roads twist and turn and the hills roll up and down making for a delightful ride.





Sat 10/12


31 miles


10 am

Start: Matty's Bar and Grille New Berlin

Midpoint: Waukesha 



Ride along scenic rural and suburban roads from Matty's in New Berlin to the Fox River Park board walk in Waukesha. There are not a lot of places for food breaks, but plan on lunch at Matty's after the ride.





Sun 10/13


30 miles


 10 am Start: LaGrange General Store  Midpoint: Whitewater Beach   
  Ride this route in the Kettle Moraine and see the great views from the ridge between Whitewater Lake and Rice Lake.  Bring your own snacks as there are no food stops on this route.  Lunch at the LaGrange General store after the ride.  

Sat 10/19







Sun 10/20


35/48 miles


10 am

Start: Thiensville Village Park

Midpoint: Saukville / Newburg



Who is St. Finbar and why is a road named after him?  It doesn't matter because this spiraling ride along the lakeshore is so beautiful you'll be too busy checking out the scenery.





Sat 10/26


32 miles


10 am Start: Hart Park
 Midpoint: Pewaukee  


Hop on your bike for a nice ride towards Pewaukee Lake then join the club for free pizza!






Ride Schedule Starting Points


Adell – Sheboygan County, WI    (41.2 miles / 48 minutes from the Marquette interchange) 

I-43 north to Hwy 57 (exit 97). Continue north on Hwy 57 to Sheboygan County A, (do not take Ozaukee County A which is the first County A you come to). Left / west on County A to Adell. Turn right / north on Nugent St. to Center St., just north of the municipal building (please park on the street).


Brown Deer Park - 7835 N. Green Bay Rd., Brown Deer  (11 miles / 16 minutes from the Marquette interchange)   

I-43 to Good Hope Rd. (exit 80 / County PP), go west on Good Hope Rd. to Teutonia Ave. (County D), right / north on Teutonia Ave. to Calumet Rd., right / east on Calumet Rd. to the park entrance. Meet in the parking lot on the left by the tennis courts. Alternate, if you miss Calumet Rd. continue north to Bradley Rd., right / east on Bradley Rd. to park entrance (about 37th St), turn right into the park and keep right to the same meeting point.


Centennial Park - W86 N851 Evergreen Blvd., Cedarburg    (22.8 miles / 30 minutes from the Marquette Interchange)

I-43 to County Hwy C (exit 89), west on County C to Washington Ave, right / north on Washington Ave. to Fair St., left / west on Fair St. to Evergreen Blvd., right / north on Evergreen Blvd. to the parking lot on the west side of Evergreen Blvd. just north of the swimming pool.


Doctors Park - 1870 E. Fox Lane, Bayside  (12 miles / 14 minutes from the Marquette interchange)

I-43 to Brown Deer Rd. (exit 82A) follow Hwy 32 / Brown Deer Rd. east to North Lake Dr. curving south about a half mile to Dean Rd., turn left on Dean Rd. to Fox Lane and left into the park and parking area.


Dretzka Park - 12020 West Bradley Rd.  (approximately 10.3 miles / 11 minutes from the Zoo interchange) 

I-94 to Hwy 45 (exit 305B), take Hwy 45 north to Hwy 145 (exit #48) to the park (lot near chalet). Alternate: Take Fond du Lac Ave. (Hwy 145) to park entrance on the east side of the road.


Elkhorn Park & Ride  -  I-43 & Hwy 12   (40.3 miles / approximately 41 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-94 to I-894 East (Exit 305A) to I-43 South (exit 4) to Hwy 12 West. Take Hwy 12 West (Exit 27B) one mile to Hwy 67. Hwys 12 & 67 will run together. Continue on Hwys 12 / 67 to the park & ride on left (west) side of the highway.


Froemming Park – 8801 S. 51st St., Franklin, WI   (16.9 miles / 21 minutes from the Marquette interechange)

I-94 East to Ryan Rd. / Hwy 100 (exit 322), west to South 51st St., right / north to the park on the left (west) side of 51st St.


Grant Park – 100 Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee (16.4 miles / 28 minutes from the Marquette interchange)

I-94 to College Ave. (exit 319), take College Ave. east to the end, turn right / south on S. Lake Dr. to Hawthorne Ave. Turn left / east on Hawthorne Ave. to the Grant Park Golf course. Use the parking lot on the south side of the clubhouse, which is on the right side of the road as you head east.


Greenfield Park - 2028 S. 124th St., West Allis (3.4 miles / 7 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-894 to W Greenfield Ave. / Hwy 59 (exit 1D), go west on Greenfield Ave. to S 124th St., turn left (south) on 124th St. to the park entrance and turn left / east to area # 2 and #6 parking area.


Gorney Park – Caledonia  (20.9 miles/28 minutes from the Marquette Interchange)  

From north or south: take I-94 to 7 mile road and go east on 7 mile road, 3 miles to Nicholson Rd. Left (north) on Nicholson Rd. (less than 1/4 of a mile) to Gorney Park, park is on east side of street.


Hales Corners Park - 5765 S. New Berlin Rd., Hales Corners. (7.7 miles / 11 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-94 to I-894 East (Exit 305A) to I-43 South (exit 4) to Hwy 45 (exit 60), south on Hwys 45 / Hwy 100 / S 108th St to Hwy 24 / Janesville Rd., right / west on Hwy 24 to the first stop light at S 116th St., right / north on 116th St. to first stop sign at New Berlin Rd., left / west on New Berlin Rd. to parking lot on the west side of the pool.


Hansen Park - 9800 Underwood Pkwy., Wauwatosa.  (8.3 miles / 13 minutes from the Marquette interchange)

I-94 to Hwy 45 (exit 305), Hwy 45 to Watertown Plank Rd. (exit 40). right / east on Watertown Plank Rd. to Discovery Pkwy., left / north on Discovery Pkwy. to Swan Blvd., right / northeast on Swan Blvd. to Underwood Pkwy., left / west on Underwood Pkwy. to the Hanson Park golf course clubhouse.  Please park on the street!


Hart Park – 7300 W. Chestnut St., Wauwatosa  (5.2 miles/9 minutes from the Marquette Interchange)

I-94 to 68th/70th St. exit (EXIT #307).  Go north on 68th St. to Honey Creek Pkwy.  Turn left (West) on Honey Creek Pkwy to N. 70th St.   Turn right (North) on N. 70th St. to W. Chestnut St.  Turn left (West) on W. Chestnut St. to the park.

City alternative: Take State St. to N. 72nd St.  Go South over the railroad tracks to the park.

Please park on the east / south side of the parking lot.

Kletzsch Park - 6560 N. Milwaukee River Pkwy., Glendale, WI  (8.1 miles / 13 minutes from the Marquette interchange) 

I-43 to Silver Spring Dr. (exit 78), west on Silver Spring Dr., stay in far right lane to first traffic light, turn right / north on Milwaukee River Pkwy., crossing Bender Rd. to the pavilion parking lot on the east side of the road.


Mukwonago Park & Ride  -  I-43 & Hwy 83  (22 miles / 22 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-94 to I-894 East (Exit 305A) to I-43 South (exit 4) to Hwy 83 (exit 43), Hwy 83 right / north one block to Holz Pkwy.  Right / east to the park & ride lot located on the south side of the road.


New Fane, WI - North Kettle Moraine State Forest at County Hwys S & DD.  (41.5 miles / approximately 47 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

Hwy 45 north to Hwy 28 in Kewaskum, right / east on Hwy 28 for less than ½ mile, turn left onto County S, follow County S 4.0 miles to New Fane, park in area across from businesses.


Town of Genesee Park – Genesee Depot, WI.    (24.6 miles / 33 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-94 to Hwy 83 (exit # 287), take Hwy 83 south to Genesee Depot to just before the railroad tracks, turn right / west on Depot Rd. to the park. Alternate: Take I-43 to Hwy 83 (exit 43) or Hwy 59 to Hwy 83, go north on Hwy 83 to Genesee Depot, cross the railroad tracks and turn left / west on Depot Rd. to the park.


Village Park – Thiensville, WI  (17.8miles / approximately 23 minutes from the Marquette interchange)

I-43 north to Hwy 167 / Mequon Rd. (exit 85), Left (west) on Hwy 167 to Cedarburg Rd. / Main St., right (north) to Green Bay Rd. (1st stoplight), right (east / north) to Elm St., right (east) to the park.


Waterford High School 817 West Main St., Waterford, WI.   (24.1 miles / 41 minutes from the Zoo interchange)

I-94 to I-894 East (Exit 305A) to I-43 South (exit 4) to Hwy 45 / Hwy 100 (Exit 60) south to Hwy 36 south to Main St. in Waterford, WI. Turn right / west on Main St. It becomes Hwys 20 / 83 in Waterford. Turn left to Waterford High School. Parking will be in the back / west side of the school.


Whitnall Park - 5879 S. 92 St, Area 7, Greendale  (7.9 miles/11 minutes from the Zoo Interchange)

I-43 (South) to Hwys 45/100 (Exit  60), south on Hwys 45/100/S 108th St to just south of W Forest Home Ave and McDonald’s, turn left into the park keeping to the right and follow signs to Wehr Nature Center and Botanical Garden for 0.6 miles to parking lot on right just after the stop sign, across from children’s play area and next to area #7.